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22 Sep


Reflections On The Day…..

17 Sep
Pastor among suspects arrested in online sex sting
Please pray for the church and it’s members and also for anyone personally affected by his actions….
Today has been a day of reflection for me due to current events in our local news. A local pastor has been arrested for trying to arrange to have sex with a 14 year old boy. Turns out that 14 year old boy was in fact a member of law enforcement. So when the pastor showed up at the arranged location he got a bit of a surprise.
A pastor. A man of God. The leader of a church. How can this even be possible? Where was God in this? How could it be that no one knew he was a pedophile? Lots and lots of questions. No easy answers to these.
As to him being a pastor that’s easy. Anyone can be a pedophile. Doctor’s, coaches, nurses, lawyers, judges or cops, male or female, it does not matter what they do for a living. Where was God in this? This is a question I used to asked myself a lot. Why you ask? Because I was, at one time in my life, a victim. I was a victim of sexual molestation turned sexual abuse turned to rape by  the Director of Christian Education and Music at my families church. It started when I was Nine years old. Some will not understand this answer while others will not like it and some will decide to hate it. It’s okay with me if the last two don’t get it. That just means they have some understanding to do.  God was, is and always will be, right where he has always been. He is with you through every trial and triumph. I know personally that at times He appears to be quiet and at others He seems completely absent. Those times are not Him. They are us. We let the noise of our life get to loud to hear His voice. We let the wants or problems of our life pull us away from Him. At our worst we push away from him. He doesn’t go anywhere, we do. He is Solid, Rock Solid. Now the last two groups may ask “why didn’t He just stop it from happening or fix the pastor?” That’s not what man choose for himself. Mankind wanted to have choice, so God granted choice, freewill if you will.
Now I know some may say “why did He do that to them?” God didn’t do anything to them. Don’t forget, there is another power at work in this world, not just God. Sure God could just snap His fingers or even have the smallest of passing thought and make all bad and evil disappear. He could make us follow his every word and thought and we be 100% loyal to Him. Like little puppets.  Now there are times that He will just step in and remind all of us that He is here but those are not daily happenings. You see by gracing us with freewill, He lets us chose to follow Him or not. He doesn’t want little puppets at His feet. He wants His Children at His feet. We are responsible for our actions on this Earthly world. Our actions and decisions effect those we have contact with. Those people in turn effect those they have contact with and so on and so on. It’s like dropping a stone into a body of water that is as smooth as a fine piece of glass. That one stone causes a multitude of ripples. When those ripples hit something, it sends part of the original ripples off in other directions. So when you hear someone say “I’m not my brothers keeper” know that that’s a lie. We are all “our brothers keeper.” Each of us effecting the other while we are responsible for what we pass on.

How could no one have known? This is one that Will most likely not make me any new friends and may cost me some current ones. It will be what it is. They hide in plain sight. Okay, raise your hands, how may of your out there are parents? I know, haha. How many of you have children involved in sports, dance, church or other activities? How many of you drop your children off and leave them? How many of you regularly volunteer your time to help monitor the safety of these children? For almost eight years I was the chair of our church’s Safe Sanctuary program designed to help protect our youngest children all the way up to our elderly and special needs members. I can say it worked fairly well but one of the biggest downfalls was parent participation in that program. Almost NONE would come to the training to even get an understanding of it. Even fewer ever even volunteered to help with Any age group of children leaving some events at risk of not happening. To this day that aspect has not changed much. If every parent was to volunteer to help out for only 2 or 3 Sundays out of the year, along with others that have faithfully been there helping for years things would be better for keeping the national treasure of our children safer. Educate yourself or get with agencies that work with abused children and find out when they will be having educational classes on how to keep your kids safe. Go to the Safe Sanctuary program training if your church has it. Talk with me. Get in touch. I have done many talks on my journey from victim to survivor. Sadly, when reaching out to the churches in the local community and nationally, few have responded. The media is even worse. when offering to try and help get a message of hope out to the victims or families with questions they can’t ask of their child, they are more silent than churches. They want the “shock value” stories, not the message of hope, faith and God…….

Only By The Grace Of God,