Prayers and Fighting Life’s Battles…….

19 Sep

Little in life prepares us for some of the fights we must endure. Then there are the fights that nothing but your faith can help you endure.

A few weeks ago this became so very clear to me while on my “Walk to Emmaus.” I have spent nearly all my life fight multiple battle at one time. When I was having a good spell I was fighting only one or two at the same time.

As a man I more or less learned that the fights of this world are ours as a man to fight. I never really understood that some fights I could not win. I grew up with John Wayne, the ultimate Cowboy, and others that show fighting and winning over what is wrong. Those movie and TV Cowboys taught a lot about right and wrong.

As a little boy growing up in church I learned to pray. I would ask all the same things as any child today ask for. What I didn’t learn way that sometimes the only way to fight some things is to fight with prayer. The fights for the vast majority of things we spend our time fighting are things we are virtually unable to fight alone or are even able to fight ourselves at all.

Like I said earlier, I have spent much of my life fighting fights of one kind or another. Not the kind you have in a physical confrontation, although I was an easy target to get bullied and beat up growing up. No, but they where fights none the less. And the stakes were for much more than a bloody lip. Now I did have a part that I did play and was supposed to play in them but I thought at the time I was the only one fighting. Wrong. I learned this decades later. I learned that the main fighter and the one that I should have left the fight to was the one carrying me, my Lord and Savior.

What I thought was my fight was mine to fight but with prayer alone. The fights that I had within with myself are the ones that only He could fight and win. Those were the fights with evil that was trying to destroy me. To keep me from one day taking what God had kept me alive for and using it to help others that are fighting those very same internal and external fights.

The stronger I have become, the more prepared I have become, the more that evil has worked to destroy me. That evil has a name. But I will not utter its name or spell it as it is not worthy of being spoken or spelled ever. The weight removed from me on my walk was profound to say the least. The only thing for me spiritually that was more life changing in an instant was when I was re-baptized. That was an incredible experience.

Some wrongly think that when they become Christians their life will become easier. Many will find that they will not. Not because they are not good Christians but because for one reason. Or another they have become a threat. Not necessarily because they will change the world with their belief. But maybe because of a chain of events their witness may start in this world that they will never even have a knowledge of. Many people have had that effect on me and don’t know it.

So the old saying of “chose your battles wisely” is still true. Most are probably not worth fighting. Some are worth fighting with everything you have. Some may be fights that you have no way of winning but are still fought for. And some are fights you are not supposed to be trying to lead the fight against. All all worthy of being fought. It’s just that your part of the fight might only be with prayer………


One Response to “Prayers and Fighting Life’s Battles…….”

  1. bethanyk September 28, 2015 at 4:48 PM #

    True words!


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