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Amazing GraceĀ 

1 May

Amazing Grace

This is my favorite song of any kind of music. It speaks to so many places and feelings of my past and my trials to make it to the place I am today. The trials continue. But today I have, and know I always did have, God with me. Even when I was in the darkest of places. Even when I challenged him and dared him to strike me dead standing on a pier during a lightning storm, even when I was ready to end it myself, God was with me. There are many many songs of faith that speak to me personally. They feel like the writer was looking through my eyes at my world. They move me deeper than most would ever think. But none have ever stirred as much emotional response from me as Amazing Grace. It has been there for me so many times. It has played at the moments I need it most and as I try to sing along, I can’t even get the words out as I just sit and cry like a baby. It is that strong of and influence on me. I can not listen to that song without seeing Christ body hanging on that cross and seeing what He had done to Him so that one day someone like me could ask Him for forgiveness. Ask Him for forgiveness for my sins that put Him on that cross in the first place. My sins. Your sins. Our sins. He was born. He lived. He died. He did all of that for us. With that one act of Love, Christ wiped all of our slates clean with His blood. There is nothing we can do to lose the Love He has for us. We can never be so lost the He is not beside us. We can never be so bad that He will leave us. We can never be unforgivable. Thank you God for sending your Son. He is the best friend that I have never seen face to face,………but one day………