post to a friend…..

17 Apr

Z, life is going to take shots at you as long as you have a breath in you. That is no reason to give up on you future. I have been to so places in my life that were devoid do of life, light and hope. I have been in hell inside myself. I have been to the brink of the razor edge of life more than once. There is a path for you but it is your choice to find it and follow it. Always remember, it will be the harder path. It has many, many pitfalls and hurts along its way. What makes that path easier is the fact that Christ came for us. He lived for us. He walked with us. He loved us. He taught us. He died for us. He forgave us. He washed us clean with His blood. He gave us the power and ability to walk that hard path with him as he has filled those pitfalls and hurts. He did not fill them completely though. The choice is ours to make. He gave us the ability to see the challenges and meet them. He gives us the perspective to see the affect those challenges give to us. We learn from them. They mold us and change us for the better, if we let them. It’s easy to let the BS of the world turn us hard and cold. It’s easy to just turn away. That’s not what the people that LOVE YOU want to see you do. That’s not what GOD want you to do either, but He leaves the choice in YOUR hands while carrying you in His……. Love, Hugs and Prayers….. Here if you ever want to talk, straight up, all questions and any answer I have, nothing off limits………


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