The trouble with This Christian…

5 Jun

I know I will get grief for expressing my thoughts on resent events that I posted here and on another that I posted on the AWFUMC Conference site, if they even post it. If they don’t I’ll post it here as well. I am fully aware that I may be in the minority on my believe on current church maters and that doesn’t bother me in the very least. Simple Church, Small Church, Extravagant Church (just kidding), these are just the current phase and phrase of the times. Make the presence in the church appear small. Minimum presence on stage with pulpit, alter table, band and singers. The changes I have seen are a mix of good changes but also of bad changes. There is no way that any church can please every member and That’s fine with me, I still love my church and my pastor so don’t say I’m slamming either. It’s not that I am trying to be un-Christian either. I am not the typical Christian when I look around at other Christians that I TRUELY admire. Some of them will scratch their heads thinking I have lost it. I just not that Christian and most likely never will be. I Am a Christian first and foremost. I am just not the typical Christian that most would probably hope I would be. I am the type of Christian that God has taken and molded from the turmoil of all the evil and hate and fear that this world can rain down on His children. He has held me in his hands and kept me alive. He has breathed his forgiveness into my heart and soul. He removed the parts of my past that were killing me. He gave me true witness of his presence the day I was re-baptized by filling the air with an overwhelmingly sweet fragrance that only I could sense. He made me the fighting Christian that I am. That fight comes from the heart He has laid upon me. I am not just disagreeing to be trouble to others. I answer what is put upon me during the quiet times when I am still, quiet and listening. I try to be the servant He is asking me to be.


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