Letters to the Bishop of the Alabama West Florida UMC Conference

4 Jun

I find it interesting that so much is said by the leadership of the UMC on the way we should lead our lives but they are slow to non responsive when they have the same asked of them. Below are two letters I wrote to Bishop Leeland with no response.

(This is the first letter I wrote)
Bishop, I truly mean no disrespect, but could you tell me why the church has never reached out to help any of us? I know when I spoke to Henry Roberts in the 90’s he said so many lives destroyed when I told him of my being a victim of Bill Chance. Isn’t helping us the Christian thing to do. I am at a financial point in life that the cost to my family is breaking us.
Bill Lester

I know the short email is most likely very hard to respond to. But in reality, for followers of Christ, it should be extremely easy, don’t you think? Christ spent his life and gave his life to help us. That help took on many forms but it was meant to help us, not hold us back or keep us down.
I know, I can hear the lawyers in the background. You can’t say this or you can’t say that worried about lawsuits. With everything the church teaches, it fails to follow what it preaches. Give it to God. Trust in The Lord. He is faithful. Yet the church fails to follow the very teaching’s that it teaches. It is wasting time on earthly concerns that we are told not to.
Sooner or later the church as a whole will have to step down off that fence it seems to have a fondness for straddling a take a step in …..
That is what it is all about……

What brought all this about is the huge out of pocket financial cost of the endless years of therapy and medications. I have been on disability for seven years and have reached a point that is making increasingly difficult to keep up with the cost of going to see my psychiatrist as often as she wants to see me and has even meant me going without my meds when I have run out so other bill could get paid.


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