In My Life (The Epiphany)

14 Feb

Re-blogging this from the past with a little intro. I’m slow at getting things done. I hate typing.
I wrote this over the course of 4-6 months. I would have something gojng through my head during the nigjt that would snap me awake and I would write it down. It was all just jumbled fragments that made no sense to me. Slowly I was lead to wahat is here. My life in a few hundred words. For some reason all the spacing was taken out when I copied this to my blog and I just never got it re-spaced. One day, maybe

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In My Life (The Epiphany)

In my life I have been down many paths

I have seen the best of people

And I have lived some of the worst,

I have been so lost inside myself

In my life I have walked and I have run with no escape

Then I heard you call to me, ”Be still and listen”

We walked and we talked

I heard you and saw you in others

And they never knew

In my life I’ve been to the darkest of darkness,

Through the Valley of The Shadow Death and beyond

And you walked with me

And you carried me

And you cried with me and for me

Through it all and back

In my life I have been broken,

And I have been used,

I have been lost,

And I have been abused

And at times I hated you for it

As well as…

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